Saturday, 31 January 2015

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Anything But Monday - Crush (Remixes)

Here we go with a huge new hit by one of our favorite female groups, Anything But Monday, "Crush" on ABM Records.

Deborah Brown - Manifestation Praise

Here's a new Gospel song by Deborah Brown, "Manifestation Praise" on Purpose Driven Records.

Annick - Wonder (Remixes)

Get the party started with a huge Dance hit by Annick, "Wonder" (Remixes) on Ranco Records.

Side FX and Kim Cameron - Next To You

Here's the next new hit for Side FX and Kim Cameron, "Next To You" on Side FX Partners.

Sundy Best - My Sweet Thing (Remix)

We're starting off 2015 with this soon to be Crossover/Rock hit by Sundy Best, "My Sweet Thing" (Remix) on eOne Music.

A Luv - Certified

Lets start off the New Year with a hot R&B hit by A Luv, "Certified" on W2W Entertainment.

Kanisha K - Bring Me Home (Remixes)

Get ready to dance to this new hit by Kanisha K, "Bring Me Home" (Remixes) on Daddy Rocks Entertainment.

Side FX and Kim Cameron - Drive (Remixes)

Kim Cameron is back with her group, Side FX & they are ready to dive into the New Year with a new hit, "Drive" on Side FX Partners.


OMG, BOHANNON returns with a new hit, "The World Is Gonna Change" on HnA Records.

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Anything But Monday - Crush (Remixes) Deborah Brown - Manifestation Praise Annick - Wonder (Remixes) Side FX and Kim Cameron - Next To You Sundy Best - My Sweet Thing (Remix) A Luv - Certified Kanisha K - Bring Me Home (Remixes) Side FX and Kim Cameron - Drive (Remixes) BOHANNON VIP Featured Artist Special

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How would you like to feature your artist here? Check out the details to expose your artist to the ... ...

Polina Griffith & The Stereo Flow - Its Not The Same (Remixe

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The party has started with this new hit by Polina Griffith & The Stereo Flow, "It's Not The Same" on The Stereo Flow ... ...

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Advertise with us. If you're needing your music or music products exposed to the world, we've got the right space for ...

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Radio Killer - It Hurts Like Hell

Here's a soon to be big hit song by Radio Killer, "It Hurts Like Hell" on Roton ...

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All About That Borg - A Star Trek/All Ab

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INNA feat. Marian Hill - Diggy Down

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DJ Mesta ft. Fatman Scoop, Shalli, B&L -

The party is on with this big hit sound by DJ Mesta featuring Fatman Scoop, Shalli & B&L, "Let Loose" on Roster ...

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Urban Cone - Sadness Disease (Remixes)

Watch out here comes a big Crossover/Dance hit from the Swedish pop group, Urban Cone, "Sadness Disease" on ...

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Kai van Bjonik - Wifi Love (Remixes)

Here's a fun project by Kai van Bjonik, "Wifi Love" (Remixes) on Bjonik ...

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Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk

Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars are bringing back the Funk with their new hit, "Uptown Funk" on Columbia ...

Saturday, 22 November 2014 | Hits: 219285 | Comments

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Starfleet Music Pool is one of the top record/music/digital pools by DJs and a record/music/digital pool for DJs around the world. Our members include some of the hottest club, mixshow, Billboard, mobile, radio & mixtape DJs, plus professional remixer/producers throughout the USA, Canada & around the WORLD. Digital Music/Record Pools and MP3 Pools are becoming the norm and Starfleet is proud to be a leader. Starfleet grew to just over 171,026 DJs around the globe by the end of 2014. We just hit the 172,000+ Registered DJs mark, as Starfleet continues to grow around the globe.

Starfleet Music Pool was voted the Best Record/Music Pool 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, plus nominated 1 of the top 5 in 2010 via the New Music Awards & nominated several times as the Best Record/Music Pool for the WMC IDMA.

We’ve been working CDs, vinyl records & digital Music for more than 25 years, but vinyl has gone the way of the Dodo, so now its CDs & HQ digital music. We've been working digital music for over 15 years. As a digital music pool we offer over 800 digital downloads to the VIP Members of our record pool community and exclusive remixes too, monthly. When we say over 800 we mean it. We loaded up 14,612 HQ mp3s for our DJs to download in 2014. That was an average of setting up over 250 HQ mp3s PER WEEK for our members. We also offer a digital pool only option, (this option doesn’t receive full service like our VIP FULL membership record pool members, but gives you access to download around 250 mastered mp3s of new music and remixes, weekly). **We have special deals running for new members, both for Full & Digital memberships. You can find that info listed within our various websites, which can be found on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+, WordPress & right here on this site.**

Also, working on VIDEO service for DJs. If you're a record label & or artist with a HQ video that you'd like to have Starfleet Music Pool DJs to help expose it to the world, contact us for the details. 

Our Music/Record Pool strives to get all that's available from records labels & artist around the world that service Record/Music/Digital/MP3/Video pools. As DJs, we know in the clubs, college parties, sports venues, radio & mixshows it’s all about having that fresh, new and limited edition music FIRST! *As an added feature to our members, we make sure that every digital file is correctly named & internally tagged correctly, so you don't have to wonder what you've just downloaded. Also, we make every effort to get hold of 320kbps mastered MP3s, so that you have the best quality sound from an MP3*

DJs, join us as we take the digital/MP3/video pools and record/music pools to the next level! Starfleet Music Pool is the future of music promotions. Let's keep the universe dancing!

Artist, producers, record labels, media companies we're here to help expose your music, artist, products & companies around the globe. Let's break some records in 2015.

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