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Omar Alhindi - My Intentions

We'd like to introduce you to recording artist, Omar Alhindi's new song, "My Intentions" on Tyme Records.

What a hot new artist, to our crew at Starfleet Music Pool, with an amazingly short history & a totally successful future ahead of him. As we're checking out this new release, his website & the videos of this & past releases we're saying he has that Omar Alhindi w Keith Urban 5 2017 400x400HIT FACTOR! Great voice, hot production on the music we've heard so far & a record label that is pointing him in the right direction with full support. We look forward to supporting Omar's music well into the future as well.

BIO - The California born and bred musician has experienced a steady rise on the pop music scene since signing his first deal at only 15. His electrifying mix of unforgettable pop melodies, R&B flair and bombastic beats infiltrate every moment on singles like “Dance All Night” and “My Intentions.” More than just an artist, Omar is a young entrepreneur that is just as concerned with defining his own brand as he is creating music. 

Combined with a charismatic personality and dedication to making music that comes from a personal place, his newest album “Bedhead Part 1” is an exploration of personal experiences and a celebration of falling in, and out, of love. As an artist that’s independently promoted, his latest single "My intentions" has already amassed over 1,500,000 views and he has over 42,692 streams with an excess of 8,716 streams per month on his Spotify channel. His social media is picking up steam with the release of his newest single, the emotional break-up track, “My Intentions,” garnering almost 38,000 followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Omar has collaborated with big organizations such as, the American Cancer Society in 2016. His single "Stay Strong" talks about a very personal situation and a rough moment in Omar's life. The single profits were donated to the American Cancer Society and he got to perform in shows such as "Making Strides Against Cancer" several times. 

In 2015, his humanitarian side took Omar to the be part of the "All Starts, Anti-Bullying tour" to help promote awareness about this social issue that affects more than 3.2 Millions of students per year in the U.S. 

Get connected socially, book & vote on this latest hit below: Omar Alhindi My Intentions cover pic 400x400

 Omar Alhindi's website - www.OmarAlhindiMusic.com 

 record label website - www.TymeRecords.com 

 - Omar Alhindi on Facebookfacebook

 - Omar Alhindi on Twittertwitter 2

 - Omar Alhindi on Instagraminstagram   logo 120x26

 - Omar Alhindi on Spotifyspotify logo 1 100x38



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Omar Alhindi - My Intentions


#9 Pearl Furgison 2017-05-21 18:46
Totally enjoyed this post & so did a lot of my friends in our group. This guy can sing 7 the video hit a heart spot. Thank you for showing us this music. :lol:
#8 Jason Crew 2017-05-20 22:48
Has to be a hit! Great vocals. Any chance of getting a club or House mix? :lol:
#7 DJ Patrick R 2017-05-17 11:25
A really good song & the video is great & may work in one of my clubs. Are there any Club or House mixes coming our way? This could be big! :-)
#6 IMADDJ 2017-05-11 16:33
Wow what a great song & video. It should be on the radio. Thanks for posting this. ;-)
#5 Lueila P 2017-05-11 16:25
I love this artist voice & the video is so beautiful. Thank you for your posting in our groups. :lol:
#4 Debbi Y 2017-05-08 16:36
As we said we are new to this website but we saw your post & felt we needed to say my friends & I really enjoyed this music. We're going to be fans now. :lol:
#3 Soul Lee 2017-05-08 15:14
I really enjoyed this song & video. :lol:
#2 Rodney Q 2017-05-01 14:32
Great song. I saw your post over the weekend & had to check it out. The video works great for this song too. ;-)
#1 IMADDJ 2017-04-19 16:30
Nice sounding song. Are there gonna be any club mixes? :lol:

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