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Dru Ross - Love Simulation

We'd like to introduce you to Dru Ross & his next hit, "Love Simulation" on Ross Records.

 DRU ROSS Biography

Dru Ross cover pic 300x300From small town roots to chasing the BIG dream in Hollywood, DRU ROSS is making his creative mark in the music industry. The charismatic hot young musical talent is blazing a trail in the Hip Hop world.

A chance encounter on a family vacation in 2015 led to Dru being discovered by a record executive, and now the multi-talented young artist in his mid twenties has just recently finished his first EP, “Love Simulation: Stimulation for the Nation” co-writing with Producer Larry Weir and working with Grammy Award winning Recording Engineer, Tom Weir at the iconic Studio City Sound. Dru is thrilled to have his first recording experience in L.A.’s famed recording studio working with so many of the music industry’s finest – where legends from Michael Jackson to the Ramones have recorded.

Back story: A Ross family Florida vacation in 2015 eventually put Dru on the radar of Jeff Burns a recently retired record executive who had worked with Larry Weir when Jeff was at Columbia Records/Canada on a few albums for artist Michael Damian, Larry's younger brother and former star of CBS TV’s "Young & the Restless".

"Here was this talented Hip-Hop ‘Rocker’ writing and recording brilliant demos in the closet of his tiny apartment on Hollywood Boulevard,” said Weir. After Jeff Burns connected Larry Weir and Dru Ross, Ross Records was formed and Weir was signed as the label’s official record producer.

A team was formed that included keyboardist and "beat-master" Michael Parnell who programs sessions over at Studio City Sound in Los Angeles. Tom Weir, another Weir Brother & Grammy winner, was assigned head engineer and mixing duties with assistance from Marcus Colbert & Tyler Page. Several additional heavy hitters were added to the project including guitarist Tim Pierce (Rick Springfield, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Meat Loaf, Patty Smith). Celebrated session drummer Matt Laug, (Alice Cooper, Slash, Alanis Morissette) provided some real magic for Dru's debut offering. Vocal support came from the talents of Phoebe Crenshaw, Heather MacLennan & Henry "Scribes" Kleaveland.

The first single from the 5 song EP is also the title track in "Love Simulation" which Dru admits, "The music tells the story”. Dru adds, "It's about the good times, out with the bad, in with the new". (Also a lyric from “Love Simulation”). "I ain’t just a book, you can feel these pages." (Lyric from “Lookin' for a Winna”)

The spotlight has been a familiar place for Dru his entire life. Entertaining since the tender age of five, Dru soon began expressing himself through poetry as a teen. It was his creativity in poetry that soon became the door to his music … and lyrics. Much like the legendary Jim Morrison transformed his poetry into songwriting in L.A.… Dru Ross has transformed into a talented artist and songwriter.

Dru grew up in a small rural town in Washington State listening to Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, The Backstreet Boys, Usher, Justin Timberlake, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Jamie Foxx, Eminem and Ludacris. Dru has a musical ear that expands the universe – and the Dru Ross musical sound reflects a variety of creative influences. Many compare his hip-hop sound to Snoop Dogg. Dru gravitates to the positive movements in music – like Taylor Swift and Macklemore. Dru wants to inspire people to believe in themselves, “We spend too much time hung up on people’s hatred. We forget our own visions of success. We stop moving because bad people tell us to. I will no longer be drowned in the thought that people want me to fail. I will prevail. I will succeed. It's time for haters to take a backseat. Believe with me.”

Dru acknowledges he has a couple of missions with his music: “It's time to shake things up in hip hop so I'm bringing REAL music back with that 90's feel. It's time to rock out -- good vibes all way. And if you’re feeling funky and loose -- you definitely want to check me out. To give a nod to JT (Justin Timberlake)…I'm bringing sexy way back, baby – with the hot and bothered tour. Spicing it up extra HOT!”

“Love Simulation: Stimulation for the Nation” EP (track listing): Dru Ross Website Text 500x143
1. Love Simulation
2. Like That
3. Body Rock
4. Lookin 4 A Winna
5. Building the Energy

Here's what the music media is saying; Ross Records Logo 300x269

"This Hip-Hop Rocker has what it takes to become the “next Big thing!"
National Radio Hits

"There is nothing not to like about it from an articulate vocal to a great mix"
Monica Smith/FMQB

"Love Simulation” rides a classic funky groove that drives home its hooky R&B chorus"
Music Connection

“Dru Ross & "Love Simulation” is set to become the late surprise hit of Summer”
New Music Weekly

For more information, updates, connecting or booking Dru Ross;

 website) www.DruRoss.com

 - Dru Ross on Facebookfacebook

instagram   logo 120x26- Dru Ross on Instagram

 - Dru Ross on Twittertwitter 2



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Dru Ross - Love Simulation


#19 Pop Tha Dj 2016-12-11 15:02
Pretty good. Good post. ;-)
#18 DJ Plenty 2016-09-28 11:22
Kool song. Any House mixes? ;-)
#17 Debra S. 2016-08-23 14:26
We like this song. Had to share with our other group too. Nice! ;-)
#16 Joe Tha DJ 2016-08-20 09:45
Turning out to be a crowd pleaser. I was thinking my crowds might not get into this but they request nightly now. Hot posting. TY! :lol:
#15 JW Herms 2016-08-19 17:05
Damn I'm lovin' this song. Hot beat.. Thanks for the post. :lol:
#14 De Rosy 2016-08-18 12:57
Thanks for your posting. This is very good. :-)
#13 Dick L 2016-08-10 14:16
A good Hip Hop song. You're right about this song & the artist. Please keep posting in our group. ;-)
#12 Franko C. 2016-08-09 15:57
I like this song. :lol:
#11 DJ Lover Gryl 2016-08-08 14:52
This could do well in a variety of clubs I spin in. He's got a great voice & rhyme ability. :-)
#10 DJ Tommy C 2016-08-08 14:50
This is a hit song! I'd play it. :lol:

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