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Side FX and Kim Cameron - Beautiful

Side FX and Kim Cameron, with the help of other artist, has a brand new release, "Beautiful", that will have you shaking your head & dancing to the beat throughout the Summer of 2017.

Side FX and Kim Cameron Beautiful cover 300x300Remaking the Christina Aguilera song "Beautiful" in a modern Deep House beat with a positive lyrical message, Billboard recording artist Kim Cameron set out to create a collaboration of independent artists from across the globe and genres, to come together in one song, to share one message: we are all beautiful in our own special way regardless of our differences or personal situations.

Set to the luscious backdrop of the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, Cameron plays the role of a modern woman, who at first is upset about the results of her pregnancy test. Throughout the video, students from Guitars Over Guns (GOGO), where Cameron mentors and teaches vocals, are seen trying to cheer her up and make her realize she is Beautiful .

“I wanted to take a familiar song and work with artists to turn it into something of our own with the right messaging,” explained Cameron

While the song’s message is about realizing inner beauty and all the positive things nature has to offer, Cameron also hopes to shine light on the importance of afterschool programs, where a lack-of, heightens teen pregnancy, drop-out rates, risk of drug usage and other negative behaviors. Programs such as GOGO, provide mentorship through the arts, where inner-city and at-risk youth find a safe space and loving environment, while partaking in arts education activities, which have proven to help increase academics, graduation rates, and other life-skill developments.

Artists who donated their time and creativity to the project included Najasism, from Atlanta, a pop dance artist. His fans voted his Best New Artist and Best Artist Website in the Atlanta Underground Music Award. X-Factor's Mary Ann Van Der Horst, who just released her first single 'Deep Down,' added her beautiful vocal mix. Moran Levi, a pop rock vocalist also provided vocals, who began her professional singing career in Croatia. Stillamess, from New York, was the hip hop artist on the track whose lyrics inspired his manager and creator of the Roc Runna Radio Show, Big Vegg, to join in on the recording. John DePatie, the top guitartist in Hollywood, California provided the guitar solo and vibes to this new release. Robb Deux, who knows first hand about being raised on inner city streets, put all these artists' sounds to life. And, the cover art was created by Miami artist Chy Tea Shaulin.

ALL Proceeds from the song will benefit Guitars Over Guns. Currently, the organization has programs in Miami and Chicago, but expansion is soon to occur in New York, Los Angeles and South America. Direct donations are encouraged at: https://www.classy.org/checkout/donation?eid=94360 

About Kim Cameron & Side FX
Kim Cameron and Side FX is a high-energy, two-time Top 20 Billboard chart-topping dance band whose music has hit Billboard Dance Club, Hot AC, AC, College Music Journal, AAA, DJ Times, and FMQB music charts. Kim’s music is played across the US, Canada, UK and Australia, and has been placed on Bravo, Fox Sports, MTV, Discovery, TLC, and TV Networks, just to name a few. Cameron has performed live for over 70,000 NFL fans, toured across the country and internationally, garnered millions of YouTube views, been featured on Comcast's XFINITY, won Album of the Year, Best Live Performance, was an American Songwriter Nominee, was awarded a Silver Medal from the 2016 Global Music Awards.

About Guitars Over Guns
Guitars Over Guns (GOGO) is a non-profit organization that was launched in 2008 by professional musician, Dr. Chad Bernstein, and his father, Bob Bernstein. GOGO’s mission is to help young people living in poor and dangerous environments to discover the life-changing power of music through a structured program of music instruction and strong mentoring relationships with professional musicians.

Since its establishment, GOGO has mentored more than 1,000 students, many of whom have been accepted into performing arts schools, produced their own music and videos, and performed on CBS, NBC and at major music festivals. More than 90 percent of GOGO participants experience improvements in their grade point averages and school attendance. The program seeks to replicate these phenomenal results in cities across the country, and now partners with schools in Miami and Chicago.
For more information, visit www.guitarsoverguns.org and follow Guitars Over Guns @guitarsoverguns.  

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General Inquiries: apps(at)sidefxband.net Side FX and Kim Cameron Beautiful cover 500x500

Management: Charlie Gray, Flair Affair, flairaffaie(at)execs.com  

Agency/Booking: Mike Lemaic: Mike.lemaic(at)gmail.com 

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Official Video

The Bimbo Jones Radio Edit 

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Side FX and Kim Cameron - Beautiful


#35 Bobby H. 2017-08-24 23:56
I've seen the post of this group's music for some time now & had to stop back by to say how much we love dancing to their music. The videos are like movies. So well produced. :lol:
#34 DJ Tommy C 2017-08-03 20:18
You can't help but love every song & video Kim & her group has put out over the years especially the ones that Starfleet has supported over the years. I'm fully back in the loop & can't wait to continue to support their music again. :lol:
#33 Al Luda 2017-08-02 11:18
What a wonderful song and video! :lol:
#32 Darnell T 2017-07-30 20:33
Love love love this artist music and videos. We love this website for the excellent content! Love dancing to all the music here. :lol:
#31 Toto D 2017-07-21 20:49
OMG what a great song and video. We just saw your post & wanted to check this out. We'll help you. :lol:
#30 Ludie W 2017-07-20 13:35
We are sharing this this post with our friends to help get them some support. It's great to see talented artist helping the world around them. This is amazing music. :lol:
#29 Richie Rich 2017-07-17 16:32
Keeping up with your regularly and finally got a minute to check out a couple of them. Damn you haven't lost a step Captain. This is really very good. 8)
#28 Christine L. 2017-07-12 15:19
OMG this is so beautiful! I will purchase a copy to support & will ask my friends to do the same. :lol:
#27 Nina G 2017-07-12 11:03
One of the reasons we love supporting this group. Please buy a couple to support those children. :lol:
#26 Markus L 2017-07-05 12:01
they don't make em any better. hot video and music. 8)

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