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Record Label Application Completed

Thank you for your interest in servicing our music pool of DJs, here in the USA & or around the world! If you've reached this page then we should have received your application. Give us 2-3 days to respond, if you haven't heard from us give us a call, 704-599-6645. (And don't forget to check your spam filters! Also please don't add us to some crazy long spam list, that gets emailed 4 and 9 times a day...)

If you've changed your mind please let us know, so we don't bother you, and so we don't waste our precious time.

Getting quality music for our crew is A MAJOR concern for us these days, there is so much JUNK (no offense)being blasted around out there. We don't mean artists, we are talking about low quality files and even worse non named & or tagged mp3's...or even worse, tagged incorrectly (wrong artists/track).... We require HIGH QUALITY, 320kbps mastered, mp3s for digital submission and of course we still love our vinyl & or CDs too! Our crew of DJs range from mobile to club to mixhsow to Billboard Reporters will truly appreciate it. Take a second to re-read this over: DIGITAL GUIDELINES

Thanks again! Hopefully we'll talk to you soon, if not pick up the phone, reach out and touch us!


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