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Problems with submitting digital music

We've got a huge problem going on, these days, where people, artist & record labels send their e-mail blast with POOR quality digital music, MP3s, with bit rates of 96kbps to 128kbps & expect us to work them through our music pool of professional DJs.

When we tell them we will NOT work an mp3 with less than 256kbps & prefer 320kbps they get that deer in the headlights look & say, "it sounds good in my iPod". That would be fine if you're spinning at some family gathering, but our DJs spin in clubs, college parties, on the radio & that quality of digital music sounds like crap on a hot sound system. The labels & artists did not spend the huge amount of money for studio time to have their music sound so shallow. Also, these same people are sending mp3s that are not named or internally tagged properly. Companies want us to embrace using digital music rather than hard copies, CDs & or vinyl, but they don't want to do the extra work of setting up their mp3s properly. 95% of the mp3s we receive I have to fix them, which means I'm no longer able to work music because I'm having to fix the mess people are sending us. This is one helluva a mess. It sure would be nice to see more professionalism from the labels, artist & promotions companies. Drop by this page on this website, Guidelines for Submitting Music to Starfleet Music Pool, to make sure that you’ve got it setup properly, otherwise there will be a small fee of $25 per project to setup the digital music properly then upload it to our servers. Once you’ve done this call us for our mp3 only e-mail address. Make sure you follow the rules carefully.

Speaking of e-mail blast! We also have way too many e-mail blast coming through where the sender has sent an e-mail to a larger group of address, but has not used BCC or blind carbon copy. For those of you that just started using computers this is where you hide all of the e-mail addresses in your group, so it's totally understandable that you may not know what this means, however the majority of the people that I see doing this are old pros at working with computers & just didn't take the extra time to setup their e-mail balst properly. We may not want all of the people on your list to have access to our e-mail address. I don't need to know about a party someone is through in their backyard this weekend in ATL or a house that has just come on the market in Texas, etc. That's the type of e-mail that happens when people don't use their e-mail system properly. People wonder why we don't get to their e-mail any quicker, well it's because I'm sifting through 400 plus e-mails daily, 200 plus being junk or SPAM. We'll be more than happy to give you lessons for a small fee on how to use your computer properly.

Lastly, if you should e-mail me & I do not get back to you within a day or so, please call me. My inboxes are slammed.Thanks for your time & support....

P.S. Starfleet Music Pool breaks records around the world with high quality music.

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