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Artist Testimonials


"Starfleet Music Pool has been wonderful in promoting my new single 'Hello' to the music community.  Ronnie Matthews and his team are fantastic and are willing to help you promote your song all the way to the moon."

Thank you,

listen to my music @

Johnny Holliday

Testimonial  From Johnny Holliday AKA Lover J (Lover J Records)

Ronnie Mathews and Starfleet music are the best. They are responsive, very helpful and are willing to go that extra mile.
Tracks are serviced promptly, charts and newsletters are sent out to keep you informed, and they can always be reached.
Thank You guys for providing such a wonderful service we couldn't do what we do without you.

Johnny Holliday AKA Lover J




I just wanted to thank you guys for all the support you're giving me with my new single "Vivir Sin Tu Amor". You guys are very important for us artists and i just wanted to let u know that i really appreciate your work and support. Thanks Ronnie for the review & your support.

Starfleet Music Pool headquarters Rocks!




Yolanda Ruiz

It's been such an honor working with Starfleet Music Pool and I will continue to send them all of my future releases because of the impact it has made with my single and career. If you want your music to reach worldwide mass appeal, Starfleet is the place to get your music to

Yolanda Ruiz


Anything But Monday

Once upon a time there was 5 girls from Miami..... and we had nothing goin' for us and spent most of our time in detention for being bad.... and we were so poor that we'd pick up a penny from the gutter no matter what it had stuck to it.... then one day we met Ronnie from Starfleet Music Pool and he invited us to send our music to him.... and now we're signed with Universal Records and traveling all over the freakin' world... and we even did a beer commercial and it hit #1 on the music video charts..... and now we're gonna get put on the Lauryn Hill tour.... and we know that 90% of our audience came to exist because of the Starfleet DJ's talking about us and all.... so when any of you guys see us on tour, just shoot us a quick email and we'll bring you right up on stage with us.  We can use all the help we can get!!!!

Samanda from Anything But Monday



Starfleet music has been so incredible for getting my music out there!  I've been working with Starfleet since my first single release in 2004, and since then Ronnie and all the Starfleet DJs have been amazing to help get my music played and heard!  I appreciate all of their support so much and can't wait to continue working together with them for my new single "Here With Me" and all the releases to come!


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