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Artist Testimonials

Groove State

"Ronnie and the crew at Starfleet Music are a great force in getting our music spinning out there in the clubs and on radio. We are proud to have our music worked by the Starfleet Djs. They deeply love dance music and they always give 100% support on all our releases. Thanks Starfleet Djs & Ronnie!"

Groove State


I'm very happy to have met the Starfleet Pool and its awesome crew, they are very professional and they do really support music. I have had a great promotion for my release, it's been well reviewed, charted and played by their DJs in the best clubs all over the world. Starfleet is just the right place to get your music out there!



Web) www.MidoutMusic.com

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Lauren Robert

RONNIE and his amazing Starfleet Music Pool are truly a most serious and effective musical vehicle. His passionate dedication and support for each and every artist is evident by the respect we artists and the industry give his record pool. I am blessed with the opportunity to see my first dance release "Look Out Love" and R&B ballad "Just A Little Word" currently charting on THREE of Starfleet’s charts. These chart positions and faith in our new single inspire me and my entire team to push forward. I am grateful to Ronnie and the members of his record pool for their deep understanding and feel for music and for the attention given to every artist regardless of label affiliation.
My sincere thanks to everyone at Starfleet!

Lauren Robert
(Singer, Actor, Songwriter & Playwright)




Starfleet's services helped me utilize the tools I needed to reach out to a wider range of music djs. They have different price packages, including some that are very affordable for the independent artist/or label. - Lovari, Starfleet To 50 Charting Recording Artist


Starfleet is the epitome of what a music pool should be. It's one thing if a DJ likes a song but it's another thing if they feel good playing it because the artist appreciate it. Artists and labels owe allot of their success to the DJ's and I believe in supporting the DJ's because without them we couldn't reach who matters the most and that's the people. Starfleet is well respected and appreciated because so many of their DJ's are key players in the music industry. Their opinion matters and when other DJ's see a well respected DJ playing your record others catch on and you become relevant as an artist or a label. Starfleet really gave us that boost we needed and if you're not willing to invest in yourself, and use Starfleet for what they specialize in, you are just another nonexistent artist with a hot song.

Starfleet is definitely a good look (DAIYON)


Aaron "Kidd Star" Payes


I wanted to personally thank you and your DJs and tell you how instrumental (no pun intended) you have been in helping with my single, "Rah! (It's Gametime)" .  Just this past week I got notice that my single Rah! was #6 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop CD Singles Sales and this morning I was delivered the new charts and Rah! is now #4 on the R&B/Hip-Hop CD Single Charts and will be charted #41 in the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Singles next week.  As a DJ I know how important DJs and record pools are and I want to say that without your pool, your charts and your DJs this wouldn't be possible.  Thank you once again and for the incredible work you and your DJs do by charting, working NEW songs that aren't obvious hits from major labels.  Thank you Ronnie!  I will keep you updated, and will say the little guy always has a chance so far as there are record pools out there like yours!!!

Update: "This is my 3rd time using Ronnie's Starfleet Music Pool VIP service and every time I am more & more happy I paid for it!  Other pools make take your money and leave it at that, this pool not only send you back feedback from their impressive 70,000+ members but also works your song weekly via emails and follow ups.  I continue to be impressed with Ronnie's professionalism and love for music.  The fact that he used to be a DJ just adds to the long list of reasons why I continue to use his VIP services, he knows how to work a record & so does his record pool.  Thank you Ronnie & thank you Starfleet DJs!!!"

Aaron "DJ Kidd Star" Paye


So far I have had an amazing run with Starfleet!  Since my first very first release, they have always gotten me above average spins and exposure -- Starfleet DJs are cutting edge and really work my records.  In addition, the website and charts are always up to date, which is so important when artists are trying to keep their own press releases current.  To top it all off, Ronnie is personally involved in all aspects of the this record pool.  I can't thank these guys enough for the continued support, especially with my current single, "One Love".

Cheers! SK8



The Disco Fries

"Starfleet is one of our go-to spots to expose all of our music. There is no question that they are on top of the latest music and we can always count on them for real results. Wassap El Capitan Kirk!"

The Disco Fries

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