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The Herschey Barr Band and Marlena - I Want To Juice You Up

We'd like to introduce you to The Herschey Barr Band and Marlena's new release, "I Want To Juice You Up" on Bogue/Magic City Records.

The Herschey Barr Band and Marlena (a funk band) serves up their new release on Bogue/Magic City Records titled "I Want To Juice You Up". This song brings you fun, excitement and some humor to the forefront. With the musical and writing talents they share, you will have a good time movin' and groovin' to the funk. Both hail from Louisiana & they've got it goin' on. Funk on, Herschey Barr Band and Marlena!

HERSCHEL E. DWELLINGHAM SR was born in Bogalusa LA in 1944.  He played “drums” on his mother's pots and pans as a baby, and used to haunt the famous 4th Street juke joints listening to the likes of Ray Charles, Bobby Bland, BB Herschel Dwellingham and Marlena pic 2 400x347King,Gatemouth Brown, Ivory Joe Hunter, Allen Touissant, Ernie Kado, Tommy Ridgley, so many,  he can't remember them all.  He received his first set of drumsticks from the legendary drummer, Earl Palmer, who became a friend and mentor.  He played drums with the Rhythm Aces  from 1959 through 1963.  After graduating from Bogalusa High School, Herschel received a full scholarship to Berklee School of Music in Boston MA.  There he studied under William Maloof and Walter Piston.  He then became the leader of the first integrated band in Boston performing with such classmates such as John Abercrombie, Stanton Davis, Bobby Eldridge, Charlie Owens and Ernie Watts.  In 1973, Joe Zawinul hired him to play on the fourth Weather Report album, and, as a result,  Herschel's career took off.  He moved to New York City with his wife, Alva and his three children and began a long career as a top New York session musician.  In New York, he worked with Stephanie Mills, Harry Chapin (“Cats In The Cradle”, Johnny Mathis, Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross, Jackie Wilson, The Manhattans, Irene Reed, Ben Vereen and David and Jimmy Ruffin.  He was an original member of the Stuff Rhythm Section, with Richard Tee, Gordin Edwards, Cornell Dupree Paul Griffin and Eric Gail.  He also worked for the famouns contractor, Phil Medley.   Among the Broadway shows he was involved with were The Wiz, Your Arms Too Short To Box With God, Don't Play Us Cheap, Raisin, and  Bubblin' Brown Sugar.  He had a record label with his first wife, Alva, called Helva, and produced many dance hits thru the 80s.  He produced, composed and arranged music for The Escorts, Sugar & Spice,  Mongo Snateria, Timothy Wilson, Sandy Mercer, Mary Starr, Marlena, Melvin Van Peebles (Don't Play Us Cheap) Frank Lynch, Thad Jones & Mel Lewis.  He wrote the scores for Little Bit, On Toby Time, and the theme song for the off-Broadway production of Chittlin' Circuit, plus other symphonic and chamber music.  Herschel has dabbled in some film scoring, most notably Smut and A Bellyful with Melvin Van Peebles, and would like to do more.  He lives with his second wife, Mary Starr in Bogalusa LA, where they have started a record label, Magic City Records and a production company, Bogalusa Music Group.

MARLENA LADY BLACKLACE, formerly, a.k.a Molly Holt, of Felix Cavaliere's The Rascals, is a resident of Louisiana, originally from NYC. Her music has taken her down many roads, having done work with Patti Labelle, Meat Loaf and rocker Greg Diamond, just to name a few.  Marlena is a singer, co-producer and house writer for Bogue/Magic City Records, as well as an artist on the label.  Together with Herschel Dwellingham, she writes and co-produces great music for the label.  Marlena Lady Blacklace has a style all her own, and enjoys bringing her talent to all walks of life.

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The Herschey Barr Band and Marlena - I Want To Juice You Up


#29 EZ-Gee 2018-02-17 14:49
Luv tha funk! 8)
#28 DJ-Sammy D. 2018-02-08 16:05
We love the funky blues feeling. Excellent post. You've got out LinkedIn group talking about your post & it's all good! ;-)
#27 Jes KIFS 2018-02-04 15:42
So much FUNK and SOUL music here. We love your post mate! ;-)
#26 J. Delreo 2018-01-27 20:38
Love this funky music and my followers do too. Thanks for your post as always. You guys are hit makers! 8)
#25 Winston E.S. 2018-01-22 16:21
We agree with many of these posters that this is so FUNKY! A great sound for sure!
#24 Bobby V. 2018-01-22 15:37
Funky soulful hit & we would not have know if not for your postings! We're big fans now of both your blog & these artist music. ;-)
#23 AJ Tha DJ 2018-01-20 22:02
Wasn't sure about this song but when we mixed it in with the music to told us to use, BAM, packed dance floor. We don't know how you do it but it works! Party time mate! 8)
#22 Ivey S. 2018-01-18 13:42
Most soulful music & it seems to work over here. We will contact you to support your post. Keep 'em coming our way Mr. Captain. 8)
#21 DJ-L Rider 2018-01-14 15:48
Perfect song for our grown folks parties every Sunday. Hit for us! ;-)
#20 Gladis T. 2018-01-13 15:17
Its so hard to beat this kind of music. It makes you feel like dancing & drinking & dancing etc....

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