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Would you like to advertise or have a promo package setup on our website, newsletter system & or social networking sites??

We are continually upgrading our website so that we can help you to take advantage of our high ranks on the internet & help maximize exposure for your company, artist & music.

  • Our website gets thousands of hits per week from around the world.
  • Our newsletter is sent to over 300,000 music industry professionals around the world, from major & Indie record labels, to artist, to radio stations, to retail outlets, to music publications - printed & online, to Billboard Reporters, mixshow DJs, nightclubs, mobile DJs, sports music & college party DJs, bi-weekly & for special occasions. 
  • Currently we have over 179,000 registered DJ's on our website

We have a (SPACE) for your advertisement & or promotional needs. Below, you can find information on the different options to fill your various needs (If you would just like to Swap Links please skip to the bottom for more info):

Advertising Opportunities

We offer many advertising & promo package opportunities, including the large & small banner systems, a VIP & Standard Featured Artist setup, a VIP Music Review & Standard Music Review, a more featured ad, Album/CD Cover player & a variety of ads on our newsletter and custom advertising needs as well.

Being in the music & entertainment industry, we understand that you may only need to advertise for short periods of time to push your label, artist, company, blog, singles & or albums over the edge. Some of our advertisement & promo packages feature 2, 4 and 8 week campaigns. We can accommodate up to annual ads as well. (See Promo Packages Here)

Let me know if you’d be interested in exchanging web links with our website. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Always make sure you supply us with all of your contact info, so we can enter you into our database & newsletter system.

(We have special pricing for returning customers & for customers that advertise on a regular basis)

Custom banner solutions are available too, just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to clarify your needs.

Advertising on our newsletter system is a customized setup which we'll need to speak with you to see what you have in mind. Prices will vary, contact us so we can get you the maximum exposure for your product.

Also we've partnered with our search engine optimization company CoueyWebDesigns.com to offer you some design services. For alterations to current banners (changing sizes, text, formats) it will cost $35. Design services start at only $75 for custom banner solutions. (These prices are available via our record pool StarfleetMusic.com or StarfleetMusicPool.com through our partnership).  Thanks for your time & support.

Swapping Links

If you'd love to advertise with us, but can't afford it at this time, we do offer link exchanging on our websites, which includes StarfleetMusicPool.com, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google PlusTumblr & Pintrest. Call us so we send you the code to copy into one of your pages. Your email should include the url (link) to the page that has our link on it. Include your name and contact info. Once we check that the link is there and working properly, we'll immediately place a link to your site and send you an email with the url so you can see the link as well (Reciprocal links are checked periodically and if a link to our site isn't found in working condition, you will be notified and your link will be removed from our site). Thanks for another opportunity to network with you & your company. We look forward to boosting all of our search rankings!!

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