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Artist Testimonials

Kim Cameron & Side FX

Kim Cameron pic 200x133“Ronnie and his team are amazing.  They are known for introducing new music and new artists, so his DJs know to look to Starfleet first.  As an artist, this is critical for my new releases.  Great team!”

Kim Cameron - Artist
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Nickoe and L.I.E. Music Group

LIE MUSIC logo 150x150Nickoe and L.I.E. Music Group would like to thank you (Ronnie Matthews and StarFleet Music Pool) After using your record pool services our fans, views, and streams grew tremendously. We also have been getting calls from reputable dj's, clubs owners, and promoters. I would also like to applaud your company on keeping your word, you  guys did everything you told us you would do instead of misleading us and that's rare to find in the entertainment industry these days! I can go on and on about how happy and satisfied I am with the results!! Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To all the Dj's that played the track and for all the votes we truly appreciate it!!


Ava Cherry

Ava Cherry FB pic 150x150First of all , I must give credit where credit is due to Mr. Ronnie Matthews and the Starfleet Music Pool team, and the DJs for their unwavering dedication to bringing the best of the best to the dance floor! He has been in the business for years making sure you hear whats new unsigned and signed, and giving every artist at least a chance to be heard if their good! I really appreciate the help from this record pool as I put my music up on my own effort , and got a record deal out of it! So Ronnie keep on doing what you do best my friend for years to come!
Much Love to everyone!
Ava Cherry


facebook - Ava Cherry on FaceBook

Anything But Monday 2014

Our music group LOVES LOVES L O V E S the Starfleet Record Pool.   They always service our music before anybody else gets involved.   And when we chart on Starfleet, it seems that everything else comes together.

For example, when our song 99 BOTTLES OF BEER hit #1 on the TOP 50 Crossover Charts, all the sudden we started charting on a bunch of other DJ Pools.  Then the DJ Times started following us.  And now almost every record pool and DJ association in America is charting us.

Sometimes the most important thing in life is just getting 1 person to take a chance on you ..... and for that we are enormously grateful to Ronnie Matthews and the Starfleet Record Pool.

Update 6/2014 - We feel soooooo blesssed that so many important people are saying such nice things about us.  But we always remember how the Starfleet DJ's supported us before anybody was saying anything or even knew we existed.

Anything But Monday

Duprai Marcel

I have had the opportunity to work with Starfleet Music Pool and it has been the best decision of my career. I have gain fan from all over the world that have played my record at their shows venues radio stations and parties and it is all due to Ronnie and his team. They have gone over and beyond my expectations and are truly a jewel in this industry. I have made a business contact and friend for life and in this business where we categorize records from silver gold and platinum, hands down Starfleet Music Pool is a DIAMOND.

Duprai Marcel

  - Duprai Marcel on FaceBook

  - Duprai Marcel on Twitter

Cisco "Steel" Anderson

Ronnie Matthews, a.k.a. CAPT Kirk, and his Starfleet Music Pool totally rocks!!!  Not only for my current charting "Mandela Toyi" and "Nutz" songs that I'm submitting for nominations at the upcoming 56th Grammy Awards, but previous hit singles I've released in the past 2 years on my Ellorenz Records label, Starfleet has been my first, and #1 destination on my road to international promotion and distribution, and it's gonna stay that way!  Looking forward to my next smash project to send your way for 2014, aye, aye, CAPT!  Don't sweat the rest, you're now rockin' with the best!  Thanks for your A-1 support and blessings Starfleet!

Cisco "Steel" Anderson

Cheryl Reid

STARFLEET MUSIC POOL services have been beyond any and all expectations. I've been in this business for a while, being ripped off and completely disappointed. I was encouraged by my brother Evans to please consider Ronnie, he felt good about his conversation with Ronnie. I called Ronnie, we had a comforting conversation. I still didn't put much into my expectations because I've had many comforting conversations that was nothing more than false promises. Well let me tell you, Ronnie is the whole truth, nothing but the truth. Actually there's not hype from him. Ronnie just put it out there as it is. The other amazing beauty of Starfleet is it's reasonably priced. I will bring all my new releases to Starfleet and never hesitate to refer them. It's been my best experience in music promotions thus far.

Cheryl Reid

Lotus Records,Inc.

917-319-1905 contact

KromOzone Project

Starfleet Music Pool has been one of the most professional and easiest companies I've ever worked with!  The exposure, feedback and response I received for my single was more than I had hoped for.  There's little to think about here:  a fantastic service for a great cost.  I will be doing my business again with Starfleet Music Pool!

Randy Lance
KromOzone Project
C: 813-431-5939
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