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Record Label Testimonials

Bridge 12 Productions

Hi everyone!     Idelia Mars and I would like to thank Ronnie Matthews and Starfleet Music Pool for his, and their outstanding work and support on "Runway"!    We like to thank all the DJ's whose spinning the record in the clubs.    Thank you for your votes!   It excites us all to know that clubs around the world are enjoying it.    Starfleet Music Pool has given us a start like no other and we are far more than thankful !       We thank all of you who love the song and we hope that you continue to enjoy it!      If you haven't had a chance to download it yet, here are some links at your convenient.    Idelia Mars and  I  look forward to bringing you more enjoyable music for today, and the future with the support of Ronnie Matthews and Starfleet Music Pool.    Thank you, and may the Most High God Bless!    Thanks again Ronnie !  Anyone looking to spin their record to the top, would want to spin it at the speed of light, by simply aboarding the Starfleet !    :)   Oh, but make sure it's a "Hit" !

Dee Dee Mays - (CEO/Producer/Engineer/Songwriter)


Barry International

Barry International appreciates the help and support Ronnie is giving us with our hit dance track 'Fairy Tale'. Ronnie is an avid supporter of indie music, a REAL person and a man who knows his music, it's a pleasure dealing with him and his dynamic operation. I will continue to do business with Starfleet Music Pool in future promotions as well.

Barry Drake

Barry International


Grant Wright

Ronnie knows music. Seriously. You deal with so many people in the music business that when the all-too-rare genuine professionals cross your path you’re almost shocked. Ronnie does what he says he’ll do and then some, and because he has so much experience and respect for music, artists, their management, DJs and his record pool craft he’s a true joy to work with. I’m looking forward to releasing our next single that Starfleet Music will most definitely have first.

Grant Wright

CEO, (W)right On Communications, Inc.

(Krys Justice Management)

Play Lab Records

"Starfleet Music are a fantastic team and we always get great results. They are the first to get our new releases and  they are an excellent service in gaining worldwide exposure and success for new music buzz. It's great to team up with Starfleet to get our newest spins out there!  Thank you Starfleet Crew!"


Play Lab Records

ISV Entertainment

Starfleet Music Pool is just incredible! We have been working with Ronnie and Starfleet for years. They are simply invaluable. Ronnie has always given our artists continued support and extra special attention. That personal touch is the secret to Ronnie & Starfleet's success. Starfleet never misses a beat!


Nivek Tek

ISV Entertainment

ISV Entertainment


Vudu Spellz Entertainment

Being a DJ first, besides being a producer and company owner, makes me appreciate Starfleet and all the DJ's allot more. We as DJ's have an ear for music and DJ's are modern day A&Rs that have their ears to the streets. When you try to bypass the DJ you are just committing suicide for you movement because your campaign starts with the DJ and the DJ's have allot of power. As a DJ i know what it feels like to want to play a song because i'm really feeling it, opposed to it just being what everyone else requests you to play. When you know your efforts of playing the record will be for a purpose, or it is appreciated, it makes you want to push the record more.Starfleet has thousands of DJ's worldwide who spin in so many different places ranging from a popular sports bar, to the clubs, to the humongous sports arenas, You need their support and DJ's need you to appreciate and recognize them for what they do for you as an artist and as a label. That's why i choose to support Starfleet because they have played a major part in what we do in this music industry.

M.McAllister (Vudu Spellz Entertainment Inc.)


50 Staxx Records

Starfleet Music Pool has supported 50 Staxx Record's Artist (YOUNG CHYNA HILL, M.O.R. and Live In Color) since 2008.  Starfleet is the premier record pool when you want exposure, hot music, music industry insight and the latest music industry trends.  Keep Breakn Records!  Thanks Starfleet

Anthony Bonner


50 Staxx Records

Promark Music and Television

My name is David Levine president of Promark Music and Television.
We represent among many other established artists, Right Said Fred.(I'm Too Sexy). Most recently Starfleet has responded and promoted the release of a new Dance track called "This Love". Starfleet has helped measurably spread the word among DJ's world wide and has been and has been instrumental in getting the tracks to a vast group of DJ's and has also contributed immensely to the recent success of the track.
I would recommend Starfleet to any record company or artist that is seeking exposure for their music.
Yours truly,
David Levine

Promark Television & Music
Los Angeles CA



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