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VIP & Featured Artist Pricing

Submitting your music to our music pool of DJs gives you an opportunity to see if your project has the potential to be a hit in clubs, mixshows & possibly at internet & terrestrial radio. However, we receive a lot of music daily & it can be easy to get lost in the multitudes of mp3s/wavs we setup for our DJs. So, taking advantage of any of our promotional packages can help make that difference in hitting any of our top-50 charts, being seen & heard throughout out system or being lost on any one of our crews hard drives. Take a minute to review some of our hottest packages below. You're gonna be glad you did. 

We look forward to be able to help promote & support your music. If you can service CDs, we can use up to 20 copies, if only digital, then we need 320kbps mp3s & or wav files. Also, please reply with permission to help promote your music through our music pool of DJs, to keep everything on the legal side too.  One thing to know when you’re submitting music to us is that for FREE our 1st group of 170 VIP DJs will have access to that music, if it is named & tagged properly. If it is not, then there is a $25 setup per project to fix those files, otherwise we cannot not submit them to our membership. The cost is for the extra time it takes to fix the files properly. In that group of DJs is half of the Billboard Reporters, Mixshow & big club DJs. If you should decide to have that music submitted to our 179,000+ registered DJs on the site, then there is a $100 fee, per song not mix. Those DJs are around the world, too, so that really opens up the possibilities for exposure. Here’s something to think about when you’re promoting your music in today’s musical universe. With digital distribution of your music through companies around the globe like iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, etc, you have to think in a worldly manner of promoting you music. If a song doesn’t work in the Carolinas, the Southeast, the West Coast or the US today, you have the rest of the world available. Your music may work in Europe, UK, Far East, Australia, South America, etc, however if there’s not a DJ playing your music in those parts of the world, how will they know about your artist & music? That’s why you need to have it setup through systems like ours, where those 179,000+ registered DJs will have access to your music.

Should we have you on our e-mail list? Also, let me know if you’d be interested in exchanging web links with our website & social networks. Please let me know if you have any questions.

P.S. as part of our promotional system, we are the exclusive music provider for several radio groups with just over 600 internet & terrestrial radio stations around the globe, which includes syndicated mixshows like Al Walser's Weekly Top 20 Dance Show, reaching listeners in over 50 countries. We do not guarantee radio spins, but we do advise stations on up & coming new hits.

Below is a simplified view of our promo packages. We can customize any packages if you like. The VIP Featured Artist is the best of the packages, with the best opportunity for maximum exposure throughout our system. Let me know if you have any questions about them.

  1. NEW YEAR VIP Featured Artist Special - consist of your artist’s picture or CD cover, which will be setup on the VIP Featured Artist area on the front page of our website. Clicking on that picture takes you to the main page setup for your artist's bios, pictures, links to whatever sites & or social networking sites that are associated with the artist, contact info for artist & or label. There will be a music player setup to play a snippet or full version of your latest release or even the video, plus we will also setup a poll & or a comment section for visitors & our DJs to vote or comment whether they like the song or not, too. This will run on our website for 10 weeks on that VIP Featured Artist section. This setup/page will turn into a VIP Music Review on the site, with all the same content running in the Music Review section for from then on.  As part of this special, we can load the song up for our 179,000+ registered DJs around the globe to have access to, to help maximize the exposure through the pool, which normally cost an additional $100 with any promo package. Then we’ll setup a link to this page on our bi-weekly newsletter, which goes out to over 300,000 music professionals & all of our DJs around the globe. We’ll be posting links to this VIP FA page on all of our social networking systems like, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Tumblr, Myspace, Pintrest, plus the social network GROUPS we’re associated with all for only $600. That’s normally over $1100 worth of advertisement & promotions. We can setup a 2 week VIP Featured Artist promo for $300, a 4 week VIP Featured Artist promo for $500. 

          Also, We will work a song in our charting system for a maximum of 16 weeks. That is a policy we’ve had in place for over 28 years. At the end of the 16 weeks, the song will have either charted or it’s time to move on to the next release.               Submitting an additional remix at any time will help add additional time to the charting timeframe. If we did not have that limitation setup we’d never have new music on our charts. We are here to help break new music.

  1. If your budgets are tight, then we can setup a Featured Music Review for you with a poll so that people can vote whether they like your song or not for $175. This will run on the front page for 2 weeks under the Featured Music Review section, which is under the VIP Featured Artist section, to the right. It will also be running under the Music Reviews section of our website, after the 2 weeks, from now on. We also can setup a Featured Artist for you with a poll so that people can vote whether they like your song or not for $225. This will run on the front page for 2 weeks on the Featured Artist section, which is to the right of the VIP Featured Artist section on the front page of our site. It will also be running under the Music Reviews section of our website, after the 2 weeks, from now on.  (You will be responsible for already having your song setup in some sort of a player system like Youtube, so that we can embed the player into the review, otherwise there will be an additional fee for setting that up with a custom built music player). These reviews are not meant to be Billboard quality reviews, rather something to help draw attention to special projects that we are working through the pool, for our DJs & the thousands of visitors on our website weekly. We suggest that you post a link to the music review page on any of your websites, blogs, social networking sites & or e-mail blast. Check out Nicky Minaj, Noelia, Calvin Harris, Rihanna, Erika Jayne, Jonathan Luke, BOHANNON, Kim Cameron, Julia Schlippert, Tinie Tempah, Carol Hahn, Courtney Vaughn, Jason Dottley, Swedish House Mafia, Krys Justice, Jump Smokers’ music reviews to see how this can look for your artist. Go to the Music Reviews section, type in either of these artist name at the top, in the filter window, to find them easily. Once we’ve setup any of these items on our website, we ask that you post links to your new pages on any e-mail blast, newsletters, websites, blog & or social networking sites to show off this professionally designed Featured Artist setup, plus to help promote our services as well. You can post directly from the website by looking at the social networking toolbar at the bottom of your monitor when you’re on any page of our website. You can log into your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus & or Pinterest accounts from that toolbar & start posting.
  1. Don’t forget about our Large Banner & Album Cover Players at the bottom of our website. You can have your banner & or album/CD cover run on the bottom of the majority of the pages throughout our website for as little as $25 per week.
  1. FEEDBACK, sometimes companies or artist want to see feedback for their music. As far as feedback goes, for free, that is if you’ve just submitted your music to the pool & have not paid for any service then will give you an average rating of 1 to 5, 5 being a hit, 4, 3, 2, 1 they didn’t like it, upon request. If you want more specific feedback then you’ll want to utilize one of our promo packages, where we can setup a special page on the website like a VIP Featured Artist, Featured Artist, Featured Music Review, Music Review, where we will have a music player running & turn on the commenting setup & or have a poll to see how our members & visitors feel about the music & or video. Prices can vary, depending on how elaborate you want the setup to be.
  1. Paying for services, dues & or donations are easy. If you drop by our website scroll down a little ways where you see a Payment area with credit card icons & a PAY button. Put the amount of money you are paying beside the dollar sign then click PAY. Once you’re on the payment page, make sure the correct amount you’re paying is listed. If it is not just click the back button & put the correct total & hit PAY button again. Then you have the option to pay via PayPal, debit or credit cards or bank transfer. Let me know if you have any problems.  PayPal handles all of our monetary transactions so it’s a safe a secure setup. You do not have to have a PayPal account to use this system.

Thanks for the opportunity to work with your artist & labels. 

We have started a Video service for our DJs, so if you have a HQ video of your project setup in an MP4, preferably or AVI format, give us a call or e-mail us to discuss submitting it to our members. A large group of our DJs are asking for this HQ service & that’s what we intend to give them, plus it puts a face on your music to help their crowds know your artist better.

Last, let me know if you’d be interested in exchanging web links with our website. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Please make sure you supply us with all of your contact info, so we can enter you into our database. Thanks for your time & support.

(We have special pricing for returning customers & for customers that advertise on a regular basis)

Advertising on our newsletter system is a customized setup which we'll need to speak with you to see what you have in mind. Prices will vary, contact us so we can get you the maximum exposure for your product. 

Also we've partnered with our search engine optimization company CoueyWebDesigns.com to offer you some design services. For alterations to current banners (changing sizes, text, formats) it will cost $35. Design services start at only $75 for custom banner solutions. (These prices are available via our record pool StarfleetMusic.com or StarfleetMusicPool.com through our partnership).

Custom banner solutions are available too, just contact us to clarify your needs.

704-599-6645 or email us at Rmatthews(at)starfleetmusic.com


#5 DJ-Extreme 2018-01-09 21:55
Thank you guys for promoting my last song that hit the top 10 on 2 charts. You make music happen! :lol:
#4 Everett E 2017-11-20 21:42
I was able to find good info from your articles. Love this site!
#3 Edwin Q. 2017-11-11 21:01
Love this website for the knowledge & respect that it has given me & the artist I have referred to Starfleet. They make hits! :lol:
#2 Ton Jaault 2016-05-23 00:27
Really such a important internet site. I must tell all of my musical friends about it.
#1 Dennis jones 2015-11-16 07:32
Hi Ronnie
I want to promote a song.
I have read your website, alot of info to digest so I'm a little confused.
I want access to the 177000 djs etc
How do I do it age cost?

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