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Anything But Monday 2014

Our music group LOVES LOVES L O V E S the Starfleet Record Pool.   They always service our music before anybody else gets involved.   And when we chart on Starfleet, it seems that everything else comes together.

For example, when our song 99 BOTTLES OF BEER hit #1 on the TOP 50 Crossover Charts, all the sudden we started charting on a bunch of other DJ Pools.  Then the DJ Times started following us.  And now almost every record pool and DJ association in America is charting us.

Sometimes the most important thing in life is just getting 1 person to take a chance on you ..... and for that we are enormously grateful to Ronnie Matthews and the Starfleet Record Pool.

Update 6/2014 - We feel soooooo blesssed that so many important people are saying such nice things about us.  But we always remember how the Starfleet DJ's supported us before anybody was saying anything or even knew we existed.

Anything But Monday

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