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Hi everyone!     Idelia Mars and I would like to thank Ronnie Matthews and Starfleet Music Pool for his, and their outstanding work and support on "Runway"!    We like to thank all the DJ's whose spinning the record in the clubs.    Thank you for your votes!   It excites us all to know that clubs around the world are enjoying it.    Starfleet Music Pool has given us a start like no other and we are far more than thankful !       We thank all of you who love the song and we hope that you continue to enjoy it!      If you haven't had a chance to download it yet, here are some links at your convenient.    Idelia Mars and  I  look forward to bringing you more enjoyable music for today, and the future with the support of Ronnie Matthews and Starfleet Music Pool.    Thank you, and may the Most High God Bless!    Thanks again Ronnie !  Anyone looking to spin their record to the top, would want to spin it at the speed of light, by simply aboarding the Starfleet !    :)   Oh, but make sure it's a "Hit" !

Dee Dee Mays - (CEO/Producer/Engineer/Songwriter)


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