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Apollo Productions

Apollo Productions teams up with Starfleet Music Pool

World renowned Apollo Productions has partnered up with Ronnie Matthews & Starfleet Music Pool to help take your advertisements, drops for your clubs, mixshows, mixtapes, radio & or TV to the next level. I've known & worked with Apollo Productions for over 20 years during one of my stents in radio & through the music industry. Their commercially HQ drops, sweeps, commercials with have DJs, radio PDs, MDs, asking, when did you become such a Pro? Apollo Productions & Starfleet Music Pool are ready to make you a star DJ! Contact Ronnie Matthews for the special pricing at the numbers or e-mail below. Make sure to tell him where you saw this ad to receive your special pricing.

Ronnie Matthews





#1 Mose Brophy 2016-05-23 00:03
I enjoy the info on your site. Thanks for your time & the wonderful information. I'm share this site with all my musical friends.

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