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Side FX and Kim Cameron - Moon On The Water

Side FX and Kim Cameron are heating up the Summer of 2016 with their next hit, "Moon On The Water" on Side FX Partners.

Tis’ the season for full moons and all the music videos that comes with it! Billboard Top 20 artist Kim Cameron, just released her next single from her 2016 album ‘Naturally Yours’ this week along, with a music video that takes you to those romantic holidays where the moon is shining so bright, you almost need sunglasses. 

"Moon On The Water" is a Deep House mix with pop harmonies and a hook that will make sure you remember to look up at the night skies this Summer. The music video rides along the theme of finding love under the summer skies and full moons, where endless oceans touch our souls.

Videographer Dave McMahan used the reflections from the Miami bay waters to create the visuals needed to shine on Kim during her performance shots. He also had to time the full moon appearances to capture both Kim and the actors at the exact right moments.

Mark Rizzo, the animator, added the special spice at the end of the video. Without giving the ending away, Mark made sure people still believed in ghosts, goblins and werewolves. Enjoy the video & music.  

Billboard Artist signs Major Publishing Deals across the Globe

Leveraging her ride on the DJ charts and her success on the radio, Kim Cameron has just struck several deals abroad. The first is with Shanghai Leyi Culture Media Company, Ltd. (Leyi Culture) is a culture and technology company established in 2013, with offices in Shanghai and Beijing. It has expertise in production, performance and artist management. - http://leyimedia.com/aboutus.html

The second licensing deal is with a Korean based Publishing house that places music in Asian TV, Film, and E-Books. They are one of the largest event and concert promoters in Korea. - http://www.kdigital.kr/?ckattempt=1

The third is with Digital Minds, a UK-based new media company that is an expert in art technology. They will use their multi-platform ecosystem to distribute Kim’s digital stories across multiple platforms. - www.digitalminds.com

All three licensing and sync contracts signal another major step for the band’s now 250+ catalogue. “This year has been truly amazing for me,” says Kim. “I am not sure how I could have done any of this without my team. They are so amazing!”

Side FX and Kim Cameron are a high-energy, 2-time Top 20 Billboard chart-topping dance band who's music has been on Billboard Dance Club, Hot AC, AC; College Music Journal; AAA, DJ Times, FMQB music charts. Kim is played across the US, Canada, UK and Australia, and placed on Bravo, Fox Sports, MTV, Discovery, TLC, TV Networks, just to name a few.

Kim Cameron, who performed twice for the NFL (Giants and Redskins) to over 70,000, has toured across the country and internationally, garnered millions of YouTube views, featured on Comcast's Xfinity, and won Album of the Year, Best Live Performance, American Songwriter Nominee and a Silver Medal from Global Music Awards. 

Kim Cameron Moon update 700x466

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General Inquiries: apps(at)sidefxband.net Side FX and Kim Cameron Moon On The Water copy2 500x500Management: Charlie Gray, Flair Affair, flairaffaie(at)execs.com  
Agency/Booking: Sal Bonaventura: salbmusic(at)aol.com 

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Official Video

Wideboy's Night Time Radio Edit

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Side FX and Kim Cameron - Moon On The Water


#35 Pop Tha Dj 2016-12-11 15:01
Wow I mean WOW! So sexy & sings like an angel. Keep us up to date with posting, please. :lol:
#34 DJ T-Git 2016-11-02 10:43
When I join your system will I get this song too? They have new fans now too. ;-)
#33 DJ Amy B 2016-10-26 12:42
BEAUTIFUL song & group. Video FASCINATING! :lol:
#32 DJ Q-Ball 2016-10-23 14:48
I can never get enough of this group's music. Their production is flawless & the videos have me hitting the replay button every day. ;-)
#31 Aude Crew 2016-10-23 12:30
Kim we love your music. Your videos are the best. Always supporting your music. :lol:
#30 B. Hunter 2016-10-04 20:53
Oh man they are great! I've run into several different pages on this site & they are everywhere. Excellent group! :lol:
#29 Sammy C 2016-10-04 12:04
We already have our favorite DJ playing this song. Wideboys are great! 8)
#28 DJ Plenty 2016-09-23 16:45
1 big hit! She makes some hot videos too. ;-)
#27 YoYo M 2016-09-21 11:34
What a looker, what a hit! ;-)
#26 Beany M. 2016-09-21 11:05
You've helped this group a new fan base because we love all of your post of their music. So hot! :lol:

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